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Oklahoma state income tax input into lacerte

Level 2

working on a 1040.  individual has a partnership K-1, which shows Oklahoma tax withheld on the Form 500-B.  Where is the input screen in lacerte that will allow me to show this withholding offsetting his total tax on his OK 511-NR ?


Thanks for your help!

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Level 15

Lacerte has this snifty feature:

Go to where you expect the info/amount to appear. Right click on that field, then click on "jump to input". That will *usually* take you to where you to input the info (or give you the various options when there are multiple places).

Hope it works.... but I'm gonna' page our OK *Champ*.... she'll know.  


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Level 2

Thanks so much for the tip!  I did already try that and Lacerte takes me to the W-2 input screen...This withholding is coming from a partnership OK 500-B form.

Hopefully someone can direct me.


Thanks again!

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Level 9
Level 9

Screen 57.042, which you get to from 57 State Other, then at the top left, OK Form 500-B.

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I "love" state tax returns - LOL!

I do have the withholding in 57.042, and it is not showing up on the OK tax return in the withholding line.

I did learn from another co-worker that I can input it on the K-1 input screen for the partnership (20.1), line 15 Credits and withholding, in the box called "Credit for state estimates/withholding paid after 12/31/2019".  (There is another box just above it for amounts paid prior to 12/31/2019). When I input the amount here, it does show up on the OK tax return.

Thanks SO MUCH for your help!!