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Oklahoma Partnership nonresident withholding

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Some recent update has changed the program to where form 500-B is being generated for ALL partners in a partnership even when they are Oklahoma residents and this form is not applicable.  There is no way to override this as the checkbox to not generate it is grayed out because the partner is an Oklahoma resident.  Yet the form and withholdings are being generated.  I know this is an update issue because it is now doing if for ALL partnerships including ones we had previously filed that we have pdf files showing this was not happening.  Scary to think this is the new way of doing updates.....................

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Agreed.....super annoying that this stuff is happening!

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The saddest part of this is not that a mistake happens but that intuit/lacerte does not "get" it.  I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why this was happening only to figure out it had to be an update/software issue and not something I did but when I got through to tech "support" i was told they were aware of it and "investigating".  Really?  Wow.  In the time they have been investigating - which I assume is still now as I've heard nothing from them despite promises I would as soon as it was fixed - I could have efiled dozens of partnership returns without even knowing that the Oklahoma return had changed.  No one prints a return, double checks it all then obtains efile signatures AND THEN GOES BACK AND REVIEWS THE ENTIRE RETURN TO SEE IF IT CHANGED.  But tech support can't seem to grasp that sending out an "emergency" notice to all Oklahoma tax return preparers would be a good way to help prevent such misfilings.  Instead they are busy investigating.....while tax returns are efiled unknowingly wrong......wow....

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just fyi - the update i downloaded today seems to have fixed the 500B issue......I'll let you know when i figure out what else it probably messed up.........................and no, no response from tech "support" or any email notices etc that the major goof up was fixed and corrected.   Nice to know that one of the more expensive software programs around is so  reliable.  And I'm no newbie....i've used lacerte since 1993 - and the only reason I continue to do so is i know it well enough to work around issues and when something is wrong with the programming....but apparently they are hiring more challenging people in the past few years as I'm having a harder time staying ahead of the stupidity.....