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Number of electronically filed tax returns more than IRS my Account shows.

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IRS 'my account' shows less returns than my software shows that I filed.

The IRS (My Account) said to check the returns to make sure the correct PTIN was used on each return.

Is there an quick and easy way to perform this check?


Mary Crockett 

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Level 15

IRS my account always has less returns than I have efiled. Timing delay? I don't know.

Level 15
Level 15

I think its a timing delay as well.

Anyone else ever seen this website? It shows you all the EROs in your city or zip code and how many returns were Accepted/Rejected at each firm...I found it pretty interesting.   76 EROs in my zipcode, I landed 14 in the number of returns prepared (this is for returns filed in 2019)


Several preparers in another group said their numbers were wrong or missing, but mine appear accurate as well as an EA near me that I speak with a weekly basis, his appear correct as well.....so it may not be totally accurate, but I thought it was kind of neat.