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New Due Date for 2019 Tax Returns

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Anyone know if there is a way around the electronic withdrawal of any amount due to the IRS or states?   With the new due date 7/15/20 the Lacerte program is still reflecting 4/15/20 as the automatic withdrawal due date for people who owe monies.   We want the monies to be withdrawn on 7/15/20.   Of course I can work around it and not E-File until 7/15/20 at which point the monies will be automatically withdrawn or I can tell our clients to manually send in a check and our firm would E-File the return only without any automatic payment being processed.   It does not make any sense that Lacerte has not updated the due date with any recent updates?   

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I agree.  Lacerte should update the due dates.  They have known about this since March 20th.

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They should at least let us override the due date, but it doesn't allow you to put in a date past

April 15.

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Everybody can relax now.  Word is, the update is scheduled for March 32nd.  Everybody can go back to more important things like hoarding toilet paper.

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