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locate the primary social security number in intuit Link

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Are you sure you are asking about Intuit Link?  Intuit Link is a client portal and not associated in any way with a taxpayer's SSN, only email address.  Please come back to clarify what you need in case you still need help.

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Ok, but then why am I getting this error message:

The primary taxpayer's SSN is already used in Intuit Link but the email address for this client is different in Link. To resolve the error, search for the client in the LINK website and change the email address to match the client's email address in Lacerte.

  The email matches in Lacerte and in LINK website.  The SSN is correct in Lacerte.  This is not a new client.  The client used LINK website last year.  I am trying to figure out what SSN is in LINK website so that I can send her the link to use the LINK website.

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