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Lacerte Shuts Down on Me

Level 1

At least once a day, often more, I am in the middle of preparing a return and after I enter information in a field, I get the little spinning circle, and after a few seconds Lacerte shuts down involuntarily.  When I get back in, usually the last 3 - 5 fields I entered are missing.  What is going on?

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Individual installation or Network? Desktop or laptop PC? Any chance of inadvertent keystroke / track-pad combination? New equipment or older? Any chance there is a power issue? Frayed electrical cord, bad power brick, faulty outlet, ancient power-strip? 

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Level 1

I am using a desktop on a network.  Equipment is medium age, all the other things you mentioned don't appear to be a problem.  I don't think it is inadvertent keystrokes as it only happens after I have entered a field (random, not the same one) and use the enter key on my numeric keypad.  Thanks for the ideas!

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