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Lacerte ruins Secure environment

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I found another example of Admins all over the Web asking why Lacerte has such an antiquated and backwards update policy.

Currently we have all of our workstation users setup as standard user accounts for obvious security reasons, but we have a program called Lacerte that constantly needs to be updated and it won't let users use the program until it's been updated. My question is, is there any way through Group Policy or some other means to allow standard users to update this program, and this program only without being an administrator?

Why do they release an update Thursday night that requires a server reboot Friday morning during business hours of the busiest time of the year?  

I know it's harsh but are their any adults that work at Lacerte and understand Security and Business continuity? 




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@IntuitAustin seems to be the contact for those type of people. Maybe he will reach out to you.


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Longer than I care to acknowledge I have been using Lacerte. Before Intuit. Before Windows (batch input those were the days!)

I have never. Never. Needed to reboot a Server to accommodate any Updates. Rebooting client PC's occasionally of course. Yes, the Security is less than, but it's not limited to Lacerte. Thomson Reuters Tax also requires Admin lever for Users to efficiently work in their products. (This is a small shop; I am positive we are not locked down nor bleeding edge.)

All vendors happily offer a Hosted product these days which potentially alleviates many of these concerns - for a price.

The Lacerte under the hood detailed tech information is spread thin, and always a challenge to locate again each Season when the links break during compulsory Site Refresh.

Links with technical detail I have found here in teh Community

Common Settings for Lacerte System Administrators

Recommended Lacerte Update Settings to Minimize Disruptions

Firewall and Anti-Virus Software Configuration for Lacerte Tax

Ping @IntuitAustin  

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I have never needed a server reboot either for updates. They do make you do workstation updates. They instituted the "must have Admin rights" to the workstation in order to update years ago. I complained, to no avail.

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Bonus: Lacerte Update Scheduler configures to check Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or any specific day of the week, and at any possible time of day or night you desire to check & download any available Updates 

Friends, don't let friends process payroll.
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