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Lacerte Options versus Master Options which one reigns supreme?!

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My understanding was that Master Options in a network setting determine the base set-up for all users. Options then allow users to tweak their individual preferences as necessary. 

From the 2019 Lacerte built-in Help (press F2) "Setting Options on a Network - Master Options allow network administrators to adjust the Options settings for all users. The network administrator can set a password to prevent other users from modifying Master Options. The administrator can also restrict users' rights to adjust their own Options." 

Is this the case? Is there a hierarchy which Options has domain over the other? Do individual user Options override network Master Options?

Yes, all users must exit Lacerte to update Master Options. No one was in the office last night. I updated Master Options, forced specific Forms, and this morning noting. Different PCs have different settings and ultimately different Forms printing with different Copy selections.

I cannot recall prior years being such a quagmire. 

The moose out front should have told you.
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And in the usual Iron Chef format, they are given 60 minutes to cook up 5 dishes excuses reasons to impress the judges.

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There is an actual question buried in there.

No authoritative voices re: Options V. Master Options? Does there exist a user Options reset to default? (other than each Options tab one at a time?)  

(Allez Cuisine!)

The moose out front should have told you.
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