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Lacerte non renewal for 2020

ScottM CPA
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We have used Lacerte for 25 years, up through 2019 tax year and paid for 10 license seats.  We are not renewing for 2020.  Lacerte will not give us access to the 10 license seats we paid for for 2019 and is only allowing access via one of our computers at a time.

Has anyone come across this as it makes no sense.  

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"it makes no sense"

If you look closely you will see those words in fine print in the Intuit logo.  

Ukraine - hang in there
Level 15

Yes it makes no sense. Yes this is the way it is.

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Yes, that is what they do.  We left Lacerte several years ago and went to UT and Lacerte did the same thing to us.  This year we came back to Lacerte and UT did the same, and reduced our licenses to single user.

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Why did you leave Lacerte and go to UT?

Why have you now left UT and come back to Lacerte?

Level 2

We originally left because we were frustrated with some support issues with Lacerte related to having a lot of problems with the Intuit cross platform login credentials in the year it was first rolled out with multi level verification.  We had days of staff members not able to get into the system and Lacerte support was terrible at resolving the issues.  We went shopping and UT gave us a smoking price deal for 3 years.

We came back to Lacerte because it is a tremendously more efficient and productive system to work with.  We regretted every year we were on UT.  We estimate is cost us at least $30K per year in lost productivity because the US system is that much less efficient.  UT does have a few features that Lacerte does not have, but there are many things about their architecture that are really problematic and inefficient to use (decoupled depreciation system being one of them).