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Lacerte Choice 300 Plan

Sheri Major
Level 1

Are you on a Lacerete 300 or more billing plan?  This allows you to process 300 of any type of return, individual, corporations, exempt org etc.  However, if you go over the 300 returns you must pay a REP fee per return for subsequent returns.

My question is....I have in most cases filed return and or put the taxpayer on extension.  Now when I go in to unlock and look at my filed return I am being assessed a REP fee.  Hence, being charged TWICE for the return.  In order to receive a credit I have to complete the online REP fee credit, which at this point I don't even know if I will receive credit for.

How can Lacerte have such a horrible process?  Has anyone else experienced this, how was it resolved?

I was told once you extended a return, hence filed something, it would count against your 300, so why am I being charged AGAIN when I file the return.!!!

Any insight would help from fellow Choice Plan users....Frustrated here in Rhode Island...

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Level 15
Are you being assessed an REP Fee or just being asked to REP the return?
Why are you "unlocking" a filed return to look at it?
This is just a Curious George asking questions. I rather doubt other Choice XXX users will see the question.

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Sheri Major
Level 1

Yes I am being assessed the REP fee, it's on my account after two days my balance is $800.

I get into return all the time after I have finalized, most common is clients want a pdf copy for refi or house closings.  In order to send it password protected I have to get into the return.  Once i pay for it I own it, for 7 years have been able to get into any return whenever I want to tax plan etc.  

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@IntuitBettyJo @IntuitTravis 


I'm seeing a pattern with REP access......

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