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Lacerte billing

Level 3

Lacerte billing has been a nightmare. I can send a check the day after I receive the invoice and I get an email saying my account is late.  Last year I sent them a $3500 prepayment in December and they said they had to refund it and I had to send a new payment because they changed accounting systems and couldn't credit it to my account. However there policy is not send out checks for 30 days, so I had send them a new check to keep my account current because they do not refund checks for 30 days. ??? Now they are threatening to cancel my account because I am late on $.01 which I would pay with my next bill.

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Unfortunately, your REP and eFile services will be disabled soon.
Customer number: *6405
Account status: Past Due
Amount due: $0.01
Due date: Dec 4, 2021

 Since I usually send a large prepayment in December I am overpaid going into May of each year.  I have been Lacerte for a good 25 years and they are going to cancel my account for $.01 that would be paid with next months bill. This is beyond ridiculous.  

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Level 15

Other than that, though, don't you think they do a really fine job?

I know what I would do.  I would buy a roll of pennies and a roll of stamps, and send one cent to each of Intuit's officers and board members, with a letter asking them to make sure the payment is applied correctly.