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IT 201 line 40 NYS return

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Where do you enter the spouses adjusted gross income in lacerte  for a married filing separate return so that the NYS household tax credit line 40 of IT-201 calculates correctly ?

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I don't use Lacerte, but the NYS  Info sheet should have a box to check for MFS  on one return.

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@Camp1040 For NY to compute household credit correctly, you do need the spouse's Federal AGI because the credit for MFS is essentially half of that applicable if they were to file MFJ, based on the combined AGI.

@rcipullo The answer you need is in this article but the link is broken.  Will ask an Intuit moderator to help update that article and give you some pointers.

@IntuitAustin The guidance the OP needs is in this article but the link is broken.  Could you please provide some guidance in the meantime and arrange for that article to be updated?  Thanks!


[Edit: Updated to include hyperlink to article.]

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Input is on Screen 3 - Miscellaneous Information - 3rd Section down - New York Miscellaneous.  A few lines down is an input for Spouse's Adjusted Gross Income if MFS.

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