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I am in Indiana and on the left side of the home screen in the filters section Indiana is not listed.

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Is there something I need to do to get Indiana to show up?  I am just transferring from UltraTax to Lacerte so any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Screen 1

Client info

First entry on top: Resident Status

Resident State as of 12/31: IN

Click Full Year Resident.

See if magic happens.


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No magic happened...that is to add a state to a client.  Thank you though

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@Terri3 or @TerriP : Oops...  barking up the wrong tree again.  I skipped the "filter" part while nursing my daily regimen.

Did you get your answer with @PhoebeRoberts  response?  If so, it'd be helpful to mark it as the solution.  If not, ask.

Good luck with Lacerte.


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Level 9

These filters?

Screenshot 2021-12-02 091407.png


Those are all separately-filed state returns. The filter you might want is the generic "State e-file Status," which lets you filter by the status of the main state's income tax return.

Might I also suggest the e-file Center View.

In our office, we use a custom filter that identifies all the returns that are in a certain status range (Statuses 12 and 13 are "to be delivered" and "final" in our office), are set up as e-file returns, and have a Federal e-file status that isn't "e-file complete." That filter shows me just the people for whom the returns are done but not successfully e-filed.

Switching software is pretty awful. We test-drove UltraTax long enough for me to be sure I preferred the devil I knew.

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Thank you for your help...greatly appreciated.

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