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How to treat a 1095A that shows a subsidy but no premium of SLCSP amounts

Level 2

Client has a 1095A that shows a subsidy, but no entries for either the premium of the second lowest cost silver plan.  Covered CA says they paid the insurance company the subsidy so won't change it.  Does this sound possible?  If so, I'll have to try to override the critical diagnostic.  Any help appreciated.

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Level 14

Are you saying that column C of the 1095-A has a number, but columns A and B are blank? 

If so, wow, that is totally wrong.

Does the taxpayer know the amount of the premiums?  It might be the same amount as the Advance credit in column C.

You or the taxpayer may be able to look up the SLCSP on the website.  You can pick which year you are looking for coverage, so you should be able to hunt down the SLCSP.


Level 2

Yes, that's what it shows.  And CoveredCA told him they paid the subsidy to the insurance company and that the 1095A was correct.

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