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How to mass email client list from Lacerte

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Is it possible to send an email to the entire client list from Lacerte?

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Wouldn't this be a nice feature? I am not aware it is possible. Lacerte can definitely print reports and client lists and possibly even export to a spreadsheet but mass email I do not know it it available.

Maybe @IntuitAustin knows a magick way to make this happen?

I tell the preparers Outlook is for contact info but many use Lacerte as their Rolodex. Do you mean you have clients who actually read what you send? Those are rare gems never let them go!

The moose out front should have told you.
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Verified reports only I found no Export capabilities... or just retype clients into a List like I did... bwahahahaha... Yes I resorted to that (we're a small shop) no, there's got to be a better way. 

And Outlook... WHAT in the name of all that is good and decent how are Contacts so difficult in Outlook?! 

The moose out front should have told you.
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There is a way to send an email to your client list using the Lacerte tax organizer tool.

Basically, you use the prior-year tax organizer found in the tools tab; you create a new letter (i.e. the letter that you want to send to everybody); when you are drafting the letter, Lacerte requires you to leave the password connector and the password link in each letter.  To work around this issue, I left the password connector and the password link in the letter, and I moved them down 20-30 or so lines below the letter.  This will allow you to prepare the letter and send it.  It will show the password connector and the password link at the bottom of the letter where you put it, but the client will not see that because it will be so far down at the bottom of the letter. 

Then you go through the procedure like you are sending out the tax organizers; except you suppress everything related to the tax organizer; the only thing you don’t suppress is the letter that you want to send to everybody; you then select the clients from your client list that you want to send the letter to (again, you are doing all this within the tax organizer tool).  When you get to the send button, the program will tell you that you have already sent a tax organizer to these clients; and it will ask you if you want to resend the tax organizer.  You answer yes to this question.  What the client will get will be the letter that you prepared that you wanted to broadcast email to all of your clients; and that is the only thing the client will see.  You can test this by only sending the letter to yourself on the 1st trial run.  I hope this helps somebody.

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