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How do you suppress the CA EITC

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suppress CA EITC
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Why would you want to do that if someone qualified for it?

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Its a lot of hullabaloo and due diligence for small amounts of money.   I went through all the questions and marked all the boxes had to charge the guy an extra $40  only to find out he got a whopping $4 in EIC.  If I had seen a way to have suppressed it, I would have.

Ive been using the IRS EIC Due Diligence Worksheet for the CA EITC, all CA tells you is to use Pub 3514 which is pages of instructions, not really a "worksheet".

I had 2 self employed clients that got audited for the CAEITC last year (both hairdressers). We gathered up all the tins of junk they asked for and sent it in last May,  took until December for  her to finally get the $300 EIC portion of their refund refunded, the other one she had just moved and didnt want to dig up all the junk they asked for so I'm assuming they disallowed hers.

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Had a self-employed getting only $62 CA refund. All of it was EIC. I added 62 on the use tax fo the 540 to make the refund go to $0. CA sent him a check for $62 no documentation bs. 

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