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How do I easily scroll thru all of the comments?

Level 2

 to read thru all 199 pages of comments and responses. But it only lets me look at 1-7 and 188-199. I can sort of tweak it by clicking on 7 which opens up 8 and 9. etc. This is a painful way of doing something quite simple. Surely there must be an easier way.

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Level 15

Why do you want to scroll through all of them? If you are looking for something, click the product > type a brief description, such as a keyword or form and hit enter > You then get 3 column choices and HOPEFULLY you will find what you want.

If you add a question here, keep it brief, then you will be given a large space to enter all the intricate detail before you actually post. 

Many logical sites just put the page number at the end. e.g. for Lacerte posts there is https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte/discussion/03/302 I have not idea what the secret numbers are but if there were a /82 at the end for screen 82 that would be what you want.  Sorry, it ain't there.

This forum is only 3 months old. Unfortunately they delete two more functional formats in the last few years and broke all the old links to them. 



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