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Form 8990

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What screen do you use to input Form 8990 Schedule A detail

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Go to Forms view and look at Schedule A and RIGHT click on the line > Select Jump to Input


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Level 15

Ive got a return that needs this form, but of course ProSeries doesn't have it...I can complete the 8990 manually, but where on the return does this figure land?

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You allocate it where it belongs. Example of how these relate:

Sched F: "How to report.

Before entering an amount on line 21a or 21b, see the Instructions for Form 8990, Limitation on Business Interest Expense Under Section 163(j), to identify whether you are required to limit your business interest expense or whether you can elect not to limit your business interest expense. If you are required to limit your business interest expense, include only the amount you are allowed to deduct on lines 21a and 21b. If you are not required to limit your business interest expense and if you have a mortgage on real property used in your farming business (other than your main home), enter on line 21a the interest you paid for 2019 to banks or other financial institutions for which you received a Form 1098 (or similar statement). If you didn't receive a Form 1098, enter the interest on line 21b."

Because Form 8990: "Allowable Interest Expense

Line 30. Total current year business interest expense deduction.

A taxpayer subject to the section 163(j) limitation will enter the smaller of line 29 or line 5. Line 30 is the amount of current year business interest expense deduction allowed after considering the section 163(j) limitation.

If a partner is not subject to the section 163(j) limitation and has partnership excess business interest expense treated as paid or accrued in the current year, enter the amount from Schedule A, line 44, column (h). The amount will not be subject to further limitation under section 163(j).

If the amount on line 29 is less than the amount on line 5 and business interest expense is reported on more than one location on the return (such as ordinary business interest expense and farming interest expense), then the disallowed business interest expense must be allocated to each source in proportion to the total amount of business interest expense from each source. Attach a schedule to Form 8990, which indicates the amount and line item on the tax return where the business interest expense is being deducted."

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