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Form 8621

Level 1

I have 15 8621 prepared in Lacerte 2018 for a client. After the initial preparation all the 8621 were generate in the output/forms view. After the e-filing deadline of 10/15/2020, the form 8621 are not generating. I can see the form has information however it is not bold and printing into PDF. Is there any input to force print the form. 

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Level 15

Not a problem on my end.  When you access the forms directly in preview, what do you see?  Are all the details and numbers that are supposed to be on the forms all there?

As you are aware, F.8621 is [almost] a dumb form in Lacerte - §1291 interest is about the only item that flows and everything else pretty much needs to be plugged in.

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Thanks, I can see all the information on the forms. Even the interest and 1291 tax is flowing but the forms are not highlighted in the forms view. Not sure what I am missing. As it is generated and printing in the other tax files.

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I am having the same problem, did you get this solved?

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