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Filing an Amended 2014 Tax Return with 2019 NOL

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During 2019, my client had an NOL. With this NOL, I am trying to file a 1040X for 2014. However, I am having issues with the NOL carryback. When I go into the Net operating loss deduction screen (Screen 15) to enter the year of loss for the NOL, I can not input 2019 as the year. I get an error where only values between 1993-2018 can be entered. This same issue also happens in Lacerte 2015 as well.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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I assume you have updated the software, right?

Does it prevent you from entering the number or does it not calculate the amount?  If it otherwise works, just ignore the warning.  You might not be able to e-file (whenever the ability to e-file amended returns becomes available), but if that is the case, just paper-file.

Is there a reason why you are amending rather than filing a 1045 (or 1139) with the current year return (or faxing it with the special provision for this year)?

Level 15

This has always been a problem with state. The software is not updated and I suspect it won't be. Use any year and correct it on the paper form created for paper filing.

As TaxGuyBill said, use the 1045 from the 2019 return and just use the 2014 to create the figures to go into it would be the quicker processing option for the client.