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Fields not allowing postive and negative nubers

Level 1

Who made the decision to limit our ability to enter positive and negative numbers in a field?  For instance on Schedule E input, we have always been able to enter a positive number and then make an negative adjustment (for personal use, allocation to another field, disallow a portion of the expense that client is trying to deduct, etc).

This ability allows for input descriptions to be there for the reviewer, is then carried forward to next year and other uses.  It also allows preparer and reviewer to immediately see adjustments which will either lead us back to our work papers or may lead to discussions with the preparer.

These types of program changes should be discussed well in advance of implementation and should have input from this community, the end user.  Please do not try to dummy down this program as if we were using turbotax.

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Randy Jenkins
Level 1

Yes, this would be nice to make it consistent with all the other fields ... 

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