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Federal estimated tax payments

I am trying to e-file a return with the 4 Federal estimates, but I get a diagnostic that it is past the first payment date, so I need to enter -1, but it is not past the first nor the send estimate date of 7/15 and 6/15.  E-file payment records print but I am not allowed to e-file.  Will this be corrected or do I have to tell all my clients that pay Federal estimates that they have to mail in their first payment on 7/15?

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I had the same issue:

Lacerte - Solution (Tabs)


E-File Support Tools

Disable E-File Error Diagnostic

Will allow you to bypass and proceed with e-file(s) in batch.

Submitted and awaiting acceptance. 

Team reported to be working on a solution, disabling of diagnostic should only apply to returns filed immediately, system should reset for subsequent filings. Withdrawals should follow date/sequence indicated in informational diagnostic (7/15)(6/15)(9/15)(1/15).    




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