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Efile individual state return after federal return was efiled and amended

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Clients individual federal return was amended and efiled.  However, the individual state return was never filed .  Trying to now efile the state return and Lacerte Tax will not process the state return (state return was not amended only federal).  Is there a way I can get the individual state (CA) return filed through efile or will it have to be paper filed?  Thank you.

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CA is a standalone state; you should be able to e-filed the CA return independently of federal.

On Screen 1, under Electronic Return, did you uncheck Federal while leaving California checked?  If so, what diagnostic did you receive?

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Thank you for your response.  Yes, I have unchecked the federal box on screen and removed the default of efiling returns in the user options.

When I select this return, I get this error message


Unable to e-file return

The following clients will not be included in the e-file return processing.  Refer to the client note for explanation on why the client is being excluded.

Client note:   You are attempting to efile a US amended return Please select the Amended return wizard to efile an amended return.

--- The California return was never filed, and is not an amended return?





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