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Efile acknowledgements

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Our firm used Lacerte for 20 years, then switched to UltraTax for 4 tax seasons. Now, we are switching back. In UltraTax, one could set an option which would cause an email to be sent to the client when their efiled return was accepted; copying us simultaneously. The email to the client was a standard one using keywords to insert client specific information and appeared as if it came from the preparer. Typically -- efile a return and within the hour, both the client and the preparer were notified the return was accepted -  without any additional action on our part. If the IRS rejected the return, only the preparer got an email stating it was rejected. Then we had to download acknowledgments to get the error and had the opportunity to correct it without the client even realizing there was an issue. From what I can tell, in Lacerte, after efiling the return, one has to later retrieve acknowledgements and then print to paper or pdf the acceptance letter, which can then be mailed or emailed to the client. Further, until the acknowledgements are retrieved, one does not even know if the return has been rejected. Thus Lacerte is less timely than UltraTax and requires more manual actions in these last stages of the efile process. Has anyone figured out a way to get Lacerte to a level of automation similar to the process described relative to UltraTax?

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