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Level 1

Can I override the #5834 Truncation code error and e-file the return?  I need to e-file the estimates.

This is very important because the taxpayer is mostly blind, has no source of transportation to get to the post office to mail the vouchers.

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Level 15

Name or address is truncated?

Yes you should be able to ignore and efile.


Level 15

From the Diagnostics:

Taxpayer's name is being truncated in the e-file. As a result of truncation, the IRS will reject the return. Shorten the taxpayer's or spouse's name using the following priority: a. Omit titles such as M. D. or Ph. D. which are not part of the taxpayer's given name. b. Input middle initial instead of keying the entire middle name. c. Omit the spouse's middle initial. d. Omit the taxpayer's middle initial. e. Substitute initial for spouse's given name. f. Substitute initial for taxpayer's given name.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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Level 9
Level 9

I've got a couple clients with that diagnostic, and my own kid's return has it. There's never been an issue with the efile.