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E-File Fraud

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We have a large number of E-File rejects due to them appearing to be already filed.  It appears our Lacerte 2019 clients are affected in this matter and their 2020 tax returns are not processing.  

I contacted the IRS to see if I could obtain more info but was unable to get anything more than a generic answer. I have contacted support via Lacerte but have not been able to speak with anyone to assist me. We have also done a very in-depth analysis of our network to make sure that the problem did not start internally. This is a very serious issue and would like to speak with someone immediately.  I was on hold for a very long time yesterday and did not speak to anyone.


Would really like to know what IP was processing these e-filings and see how I can access the data logs.


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Login to your eservices account at irs.gov. Get the list of returns filed.

When you called IRS, was it the eservices help line? They are usually good.

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We had a conference call with them today but they would not release any data to us.  We have reported this to the IRS and FTB.  We will try to reach out to Lacerte again. 

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I wanted to add we had a total of 41 rejected e-filing. 

Thank you,

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When one Intuit subscriber is hacked, that does not suggest to me that Intuit should be asked to devote resources to finding the cause.  When 100 Intuit subscribers are hacked, then I would expect it to investigate. 

In December, the US government announced that multiple federal agencies had been targeted by a sweeping cyber-attack.  The full scope and consequences of the suspected Russian hack remain unknown.

Key federal agencies, from the Department of Homeland Security to the agency that oversees America’s nuclear weapons arsenal, were reportedly targeted, as were powerful tech and security companies including  Microsoft.  Investigators are still trying to determine what information the hackers may have stolen, and what they could do with it.

....If it happened to them, it could happen to you.  

Level 4

Any new staff members or staff members that did not come back after last tax season?  That is a large number of such incidences, could be an inside job.