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DYMO Label Printer for Lacerte

May we please have a DYMO Label Printer "Add-in" for Lacerte?

I would like to print mailing labels to the client, return labels from the client to me, and tax filing labels for the client to mail their return, extension payment, estimate payment, etc.,

Please and thank you.

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Ideas posted here will likely never been seen by Intuit. 

Lacerte has a very specific means of asking for improvements/changes to the software.
Help > Lacerte Feedback > Type as much as you can to clearly state what you want to see in the program and Send.clearly state what you want to see in the program and Send.


Hi everyone, please follow George4Tacks reply to ask Lacerte for this change.  I already have, now your turn if it pleases you.

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How do I pint addresses on lacerte tax program?


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You quart on them? (Sorry, it's late and I just could not resist!)

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