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Dependent claiming themselves for stimulus payment

Level 3

This tax season has been stressful enough and now I am getting numerous clients asking if their dependents file their own taxes and claim themselves in order to get the stimulus payment.  One client told me his financial advisor told him to do that for his child.  However, they can't because the parents provide over 50% of their support.

Just curious what other preparers are doing?


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"Just curious what other preparers are doing?"

Trying to keep away from my guns so I don't shoot any dipstick that tries to defraud the system like that.  How many people are really hurting out there and you have yahoos like that trying to game the system.  Give me a ####### break.

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and ex marks the spot where those rocks and anvils hit me.

Not filing any fraudulent returns here, either.

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The law does not say the dependent was “allowed” on the parents’ tax return. It says “allowable.” You could just tell those who call that you don’t do returns for tax cheats, and then hang up. Or you could politely say that they have been misinformed but you appreciate their call because you want to keep them out of trouble.

(d) ELIGIBLE I NDIVIDUAL.—For purposes of this section, the term ‘eligible individual’means any individual other than—
‘‘(1)any nonresident alien individual,
‘‘(2) any individual with respect to whom a deduction under section 151 is allowable to another taxpayer for a taxable year beginning in the calendar year in which the individual’s taxable year begins, and
‘‘(3) an estate or trust.

Level 3

I agree with all of you and I am sure this is going to be a issue for many this year.