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Default preparer in 1120S

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Is there any way to set myself as the default preparer in all of my 1120S returns besides going into every single one?  I am the only preparer at this firm. 

It looks like I cannot e-file the extensions unless this information is in there, and this is the only entity that has left that blank on page 1/Miscellaneous out of my entire conversion.  This is my first year with Lacerte.  The other entities all have that filled in already.

Any information you can give would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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Settings > Master Options or Options > Setup > Program Options > New Client Default Preparer

1, 2, 3 corresponds to information set in Preparers

This works in Individual I presume it works throughout

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We also are trying to file extensions and having to change the preparer name on each client, because they are all defaulted to the person filing the extensions, who is also preparer #1 on the preparer list.  We need it to be the boss, who happens to be preparer #2 on the preparer list. 

I tried the solution given here, but can't comprehend what Lacerte is asking me.  I went to the box "New Client Default Preparer" and it had a zero.  So I put a "2" in there, which is the user whose name should be in the preparer box.  It then asks "Would you like to update options for all users?"  (what options?) then there are two update methods:  Reset all options, or Current changes only.  I've no idea what either of those things will do.  Help.

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