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client resident in two states - how to show in Lacerte

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I have a client that is domiciled in AZ yet spent over 183 days (and had a permanent place of abode for >11 months) in 2019 in NY. Per ARS 43-102, the client is considered to be resident in AZ due to the domicile, yet is also a resident in NY (per TB-IT-690).

Therefore we need to file resident returns in both states, yet Lacerte only allows me to select one state as state of residence, and produces a NR or part-year form for the other state.

How do I get Lacerte to produce resident returns for both states?

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He would be considered a part year resident in each state. In the client info screen make sure you have both states and click the Multi-State Return. Remember your rep access. Under state and local tab choose 55 and enter the dates. Remember to identify all entries to the proper state.

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Thanks for your answer, but I disagree. Both states consider the taxpayer a full year resident. NY because he spent practically the whole year there, and AZ because of his domicile (even though he had very little physical presence).

Thus, there are no 'dates' to enter, and he is not a part year resident!

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