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Client checklist

Tax Dude_So Cal
Level 1

Why doesn't Lacerte provide a simple checklist that will generate based on prior year data. I've heard that Pro Series does; which is another Intuit product. I noticed you can provide a client with a checklist by using their Link product, but I don't want to use that.

And I don't want a 23-page Organizer. It's too long and can be confusing for some clients. I'm talking about a simple 1 or 2 page checklist that a client can use as a reference to what items were used in the prior year.

Would anyone else like to see this feature implemented in the software?

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Level 15

Lacerte's Condensed Organizer is the closest I can think of. It only prints those items that occured before, plus a few fit all input. It is created from the prior year return program and data. Here is a sample BLANK Condensed Organizer https://digitalasset.intuit.com/DOCUMENT/A2UGrxHuj/TY19CondensedOrganizer.pdf

Tax Dude_So Cal
Level 1

Thanks for your reply.

I'm aware of the condensed organizer. I just think a simple checklist that only lists applicable items (from the prior year) would be so much better and simpler for most clients. The organizer, even the condensed one, is several pages and has too many items and boxes that didn't apply in the prior year.

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