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Can you sort by identity theft protection pin? If so, how?

Level 2
We have had a few clients who received a pin but did not provide when submitting their tax documents.  We were only aware when the return was rejected.  Is there a way to search and sort those clients?
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Level 3

Even though the PIN fields are shown on page1/Client Info, and *most* of those fields have historically been in the #1 data file, not all of them are now; several fields--I know the driver's license fields, and would not be surprised to learn that the PINs are the same--are now STORED in the same binary detail file as all of the rest of the tax information, even though you do the input in the page1/Client Info screen.

Short version: no.  Typically you can only show on Client List (and therefor, sort by) fields in the data tables.  If you cannot do an F3/filter by it, you cannot show it in your Client List.

Robert Kirk

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