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Level 2

Lacerte help now says that you can generate multiple SMLLC returns within a 1040 for CA.

I followed the instructions, and it doesn't work.

Anyone have any pointers?

The instructions say that "each SMLLC must have its own EIN or Identification Number."  Since these SMLLC's do not have payroll, an EIN is not required, so all I have is the CA SOS file number for each.  Also, the Schedule E input screen does not even have a place to enter an EIN.

Have been on hold for support for 35 minutes.  Don't really expect them to answer, and they close in about an hour.

Any help is appreciated

Don Baker, CPA

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Level 15

My recall is that the help article used to be much more helpful. There was something about making a copy of the return BEFORE you file the first SMLLC.
I think it was in this link https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/individual/help/e-filing-multiple-ca-568-smllc-returns-for-t...

Maybe @IntuitBettyJo can rustle up a solution for you. 

Level 2

The old way was to put both SMLLC's in one 1040 return, make a copy of the return, then delete one SMLLC from each copy of the return.  Then file both returns, one with one SMLLC, and the other with the other SMLLC.  The new instructions say you can put both SMLLC's in one return now.  But it doesn't work.  Now have been on hold for 1 hour and 5 minutes, and don't really expect them to answer the phone, and they close in 43 minutes.

Makes me wonder why I pay Lacerte the very high fees now 😞

Level 15

Sounds like it is not working because each SMLLC does not have its own EIN, which the instructions say they must-regardless of any other reason to have one.

Level 15

But another wonderful article by Lacerte does not mention the separate EINs for CA SMLLC. Maybe @IntuitBettyJo can get a clarification for us. 

@db1040 did you ever get through to them?