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BigTime Integration With Lacerte

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Anyone out there using BigTime and integrating it with Lacerte.  We are still in the process of setting up and establishing methodology for our FIRST tax season using BigTime and would really like to hear from any tax preparers or accountants out there that are using BigTime in regards to BEST PRACTICES.

Items such as .. . . 

1)  The return has already been filed but now the client gives you a change of address . . . if you don't enter the new address in Lacerte, Lacerte will overwrite BigTime.  Do you see a problem changing the address in the return in Lacerte after it has been filed?

2)  New Lacerte "Engagement" doesn't create until next year tax software installed . . . Our old system rolled over the tax engagement when it was completed to the next year.  We used that to help track preparing year end packets, tax organizers . . . How do you manage that with Lacerte/BigTime.

Lots of logistical Questions in regards to using BigTime with a Tax Practice so anyone a

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Nothing to do with BigTime. You should file a Form 8822 with IRS for the change of address.

Level 15

Consider joining LTUG = Lacerte Tax Users Group at https://groups.io/g/ltug  they have a much more robust interaction and I do see BigTime is some there discussions.