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Automatic E-mail of Acceptances?

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I'm switching from CCH to Lacerte. I was set up as the person to receive every notification of e-file acceptance or rejection and acted immediately upon it. With Lacerte, is this possible or do I just need to need to open the "e-file Center" daily?

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What you want is not there.

https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-discussions/discussion/efile-acknowledgements/00... never got an answer. 

There is a place to ask for improvements, where users can vote for it. Enough votes and MAYBE it will be added.

https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-idea-exchange/faster-efile-acceptance/idi-p/2352... is the closest I could find for such a request. 

If you would like to formulate a better suggestion, then start with a search here https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/forums/postpage/board-id/604/search-before-post-mode/true and then select Continue and Post in the lower right when you don't find anything that matches. 

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