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2020 Individual ORegon payment voucher lack of mailing address

Level 3

New 2020 Oregon individual tax payment voucher does not include the mailing address nor does the program provide a slip sheet to assist clients in their mailing endeavors.  Any chance a solution can be implemented?  Thank you.

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Level 15

In the program, use Ctrl + L to send an e-mail to Lacerte to let them know of the problem.





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Level 3

Thanks George.

Got a reply "Due to the Oregon voucher now being the entire page, we are no longer able to print the mailing address on the voucher.  The mailing address for the voucher is included in the Letter and Filing Instructions.  We might recommend you request to Oregon that they include the mailing address on the vouchers."

so...most likely not going to happen...too bad...the old vouchers helped eliminate address errors or late payment fees for those that need to mail payments.

Level 3

For those that want to mail the 2020 Oregon 40-V payment vouchers in the payment envelopes with the windows they already have on hand...same mailing address and easy work around is to use the OR-40-ES slip sheets that you edit in Adobe to remove the "ES" designation, relabel it 2020 OR-40-V  and then print a bunch of copies for clients to use as slip sheets... since slip sheets were not provided within the program...and we don't want any of those Oregon payments to end up who knows where...

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