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2019 System requirement. Our Win2k8 Svr only provides a file share, app is installed on wkstns and pointed to the drive letter for data. Must we upgrade server and why?

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2019 Lacerte System Requirements

In our installation the Win 2008R2 Server is just a data repository providing a file share. This share is mapped to all clients as a drive letter. Lacerte is installed on all workstations and the applications is pointed to the drive letter for the data files.

L: > mapped to \\servername\Lacerte

Our Domain is Windows 2008, We have a data server and a failover server, Although 5 years old, both servers are rock solid HP servers.  Last year we upgraded Storage on both servers. While we understand that Windows Server 2008 is End of support January 14, 2020

1.        Do we really have to upgrade the Server?

2.       If yes, why? just curious

3.       Will Lacerte provide Support if we do not upgrade the server

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I believe this is a question for support. Contact them at https://accountants-community.intuit.com/articles/1859871-lacerte-hours-of-operation and possibly report back here with the results, just in case another user has such a system. 

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On George4Tacks recommendation, I contacted TechSupport. The gentleman I spoke to was quite helpful and did not simply parrot the Company Policy. Kudos!

His explanation was; on the client work station, if the System File Path and Option path point to the server share, then many settings and options; both company specific and client specific is shared and it will not work on Windows server 2008 and you must upgrade.

If only the Data path is pointed to a share on Windows Server 2008, then it should not matter, and he could not see why it would not work, he did not want to commit to it & I get it.

From the beginning of time, every year during install, we specified the server share as the path, whenever and wherever questioned. We have never installed anything on the server itself.

We are unclear on what exactly is being shared and governed by the common system and option file path. Us being pure IT, we simply followed instructions. We doubt if clients can tell us what exactly is being shared so we are going to recommend an upgrade.

1. Would appreciate it if somebody can elaborate on what is being shared.

2. Another thought, what if I put up a $600 Windows 10 box, setup a share on it for system and option path, while leaving the data path to the Windows server 2008 server , will that work ?

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You've asked the wrong group.  We're techies too but in tax, not IT.  Sounds like you have gotten some basic info from Support.  If you need more info, you probably should ask for your case to be escalated to the next level within Intuit.
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