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1099 and no 1099

Level 1

Self employed carpenter received 1099s for some of his work, but some of his clients did not issue a 1099. Do I input both 1099 and non-1099 income on Screen 14.1 under "other income"?

Thank you.

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Level 12

This is a Business, not "other." The reported values should be in Box 7. That means a Business tax form is needed for all of the business income. Most likely, then, Sched C with the 1040.

See these:




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Level 15

All of his come-cash, check, 1099, no 1099 is reportable. Schedule C seems best.

Level 11

Occasionally, I get calls from clients whose payees(contractor and the like) cannot find the 1099 MISC we sent them and to please send another. Why? DON'T THEY KNOW HOW MUCH THEY EARNED?

You report as income how much you received, not how much you got in 1099s. How hard is that?

If I only reported how much in 1099s I received, my income would be about $4,000. Trust me, I report a lot more than that.

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