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1 page organizer of source documents for client reference?

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Is there a report/organizer I can run for Lacerte to print the source documents (***in a "short and sweet" format***) needed for a client based on prior year info?  Folks are getting worse at forgetting something each year and this would be such a great tool for all involved!  A checklist or N/A setup would be awesome. Hint, Hint Intuit!

For example:


-Boring Job, Inc.

-Friday's Coming, LLC


Interest Income:

-ABC Bank

-Imaginary Brokerage Firm


Dividend Income:

-Imaginary Brokerage Firm


Oil/Gas Royalty/Lease:

-Big Money Oil, Ltd.

-Bone Dry Well, Inc.


Rental Property Activity:

-1001 NO SE Tax Lane

-9999 Rents Goin Up Blvd



-Declining Balance Brokerage, Inc.

-Hometown Bank




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It is the "Organizer" which is available shortly after the new year return software is issued. If you have done a 2019 return, you can access the 2020 organizer in that 2019 software. 


The "condensed" organizer only includes items that were on the prior year return. 

You can see a sample  at https://digitalasset.intuit.com/DOCUMENT/A2sBBhkXq/TY20ExtendedBlankOrganizer.pdf 

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Intuit Link might provide this, but I see a lot of complaints about it here and no praise.

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My experience - Link is a Lunk