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Opening previous tax years via ODBC

I'm currently able to connect to the current tax year, 2020, via ODBC just fine, but if I point to 2019, I get 'Unable to perform authorization check. The LacerteTax application must be setup and have resolved the proper realm id.' I do have Lacerte 2019 installed. Here's my connection string:

driver=LacerteDSIIDriver; DataDir=C:\LacerteData_\19tax\SData; TaxYear=19; ReturnType=SCorporate

I'm certain this is correct.

I can see client data in the 2019 app, if that helps at all. I can also connect to 2019 via the system DSN with Excel. I get prompted to Grant, and prompted for credentials. That does not happen in my .NET app. For 2020, it happens.

Any thoughts? Is there something special I have to do for previous years?

Thank you in advance.


John Hamilton

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My understanding was that a separate connection was required to be set up--on the "User DSN" tab in the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" portion of Control Panel--for *EACH* combination of year/module that you wanted to have the ability to open.
  So "2020 IND" <> "2020 SCO", and neither of them works for "anything at all in 2019".


Have you set up an additional connection there?



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That's what I suspected I'd have to do, but the SDK docs led me to think that I could dynamically generate connection strings, which I can for the current tax year. Or I misread. I'll give it a shot and report back. Thank you for the reply.


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I figured it out. I was idiotically putting the year as 2 digits instead of 4. No need for the DSN now. 

Thank you for making me examine more closely what I was doing. I appreciate it greatly.


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