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FORM 5227

Form 5227 cannot be e-filed (not programmed for efile by IRS).  The Form 8948 should be generating with it to print for a preparer explanation of not efiling; however, it doesn't show up in the forms list.  The Tax Return Options for Form 8948 says "when applicable", but it's not showing up in the forms list.  

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Re: FORM 5227

Remember that "when applicable" in Lacerte simply means, "when the inputs that exist are such that a form is calculated and now should appear in the return."
  i.e. You will not get a Schedule A/itemized deductions and/or 8283/noncash until you have BOTH a) made entries on page25/itemized, page26/non-cash, pages10&13/wages & IRAs for withholding, *and* b) the sums of those numbers exceed the Standard Deduction.
  If you make such entries, and then have reason to code100/delete this year a page10/W-2 that has a bunch of withholding so that the Standard is now higher...  the Schedule A & 8283 are no longer 'applicable'--even though you have entries on pages25&26!--so they do not show as bold.


Have you made entries on page4.4/e-file miscellaneous, second section down, such that an 8948 is then generated?  (Looks like code191/'software does not support the following items on the return', 'form' would be the one to use.)



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