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What is up!!!!!! Fatal exception error

Level 3

This is really getting old. fatal exception error again after another update. Tried doing another forced update. I guesss we really don't need to work. You have to wait for Lacerte to open up. Then you have to wait for them to call you back last time it took them another hour to get it fixed. Anyone else getting this again after update.



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Seeing lots of complaints about that recent Lacerte update.  Im a PS user, you guys are making me scared to update!

Level 15

PTO looks really good right now in comparison.

Accountants solve problems you didn’t know you had in ways you don’t understand.
Level 7

How is it that Updates = landmines?

Not limited to Intuit. Windows will derp also. But Lacerte, etc. what's the fantastical technical tightrope that it's all just seemingly held together by a thread and maybe an Update decimates a preparer or it doesn't?

Can you get a comment/insight from the Intuit Tech Bros @IntuitAustin?

Bonus: wouldn't this be incentive to streamline applications rather than stuff them to acheive Foie gras?

ZOMG Look! you can have clients pre-pay with their QB linked bank account while offering a refund anticipation advance concurrently while approving the 8879.

Um... can it file Local after a rate change?



~ The answer is, don't think about it.
Community Manager
Community Manager

I don't see any major issues with the update reported to customer support. You might consider disabling your antivirus scan on Lacerte. Antivirus is known to corrupt Lacerte files during routine scans.

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