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Lacerte: How to claim Ohio retirement income credit

Level 1

Taxpayer appears to meet retirement income credit of $200 on the OH Schedule of Credits.

How do I get Lacerte to calculate the $200 to put on line 2?

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Level 15

There is an override in Screen 53. The help (F1) for that input says "The program calculates the retirement credit based on taxable pensions and IRA distributions reported on ITP 13, under "Pensions" and "IRA Distributions." Enter the amount to override the calculation. Enter -1 if the amount is zero."

Check the worksheet on page 28 of the instructions.

If Lacerte got it wrong, use Ctrl + L to send the return to Lacerte with an explanation of why you feel the computation is wrong.



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Level 3

Also, mark them as "Retired" in Client Information, Screen 1, at the very bottom.