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Lacerte Network Installation Slowness

Lacerte Network Installation Slowness


I am a 3rd party IT vendor for a CPA firm we have recently migrated Lacerte from a Server 2008 R2 Standard Platform to a Server 2019 Standard.

Lacerte Environment:

Server 2019 Hypervisor Xeon Silver 4309,  2.8 GHz 8 physical core, 16 logical, 4x 7200 RPM SAS drives in RAID 5 array 1 partition for OS, 1 partition for VM storage, dedicated Broadcom NIC for VMs

2x Server 2019 Hosts one is a DC, 2nd Server is application server that hosts the Lacerte file share

Application Server:

4096 minimum RAM, dynamic memory, 14 virtual processors, 3x virtual disks: 1 OS, 1 Data, 1 Paging

Windows Defender AV managed by Huntress

Lacerte file shares are done through drive mappings dished out by GPO action is Update

Customer is also using Lacerte DMS


Gig switches and NICs


Users experience degrading performance as more users connect to Lacerte average 9 users, 6 physical, 3 virtual


  • I have a virtual machine on the network with my own Lacerte Account (not setup at all like the accountants use). I have never experienced any speed issues on this machine with my account, even while other users are experiencing slowness.
    • Other users have experiences slowness on separate VM’s on the same server
  • I have tested with a user that was experiencing this slowness. I was able to log onto a separate account on that physical PC with my own account and experience the slowness.
  • Seems this issue is only related to Individual tax with approx. 1400 accounts. This is the most commonly used tax type across the office
  • Previous server had no slowness issue in the exact same network and same domain. We used robocopy to copy the network files over on a weekend and remapped the drives to the new shares. Lacerte connected to new files no issue.
  • All Users have proper file permissions.

Scenarios tested:


Lacerte support has not be helpful at all in this situation and simply refers me to the same KB articles over and over with no path for escalation


If any additional information is required feel free to let me know and I will do my best to assist.


If anyone has any insight or help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Forgot to mention that we also ran the following through Lacerte Tool Hub:

Run Component Repair


Mapped Drive Utility

Run CLPack