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The following diagnostic is generating:

When filing the Form IT-204-LL electronically, any balance due must be electronically withdrawn via direct debit.  You will need to enter the bank information in the Electronic Payment section of <lac>Screen 3,</lac> Miscellaneous Information as well as check the box for "Electronic payment of LLC/LLP filing fee". (ref. #15239)


Please take the following steps which should resolve this diagnostic:

1. At the bottom of Screen 16, check the box for LLC Disregarded Entity (mandatory)

2. Uncheck the box in Screen 54.098 LLC Disregarded Entity

3. Fill in the top section of 54.099 and verify that both the Form and Activity name or number dropdowns are filled.

4. At the bottom of screen 54.099 verify banking information.



NOTE: This diagnostic has been reported as an unexpected behavior and is currently under review.  
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Is anyone having the problem with filling the IT-204ll

This is ridiculous  - all of the information is entered on the proper screen.

The eFile box is checked off.

The cover letter lists 2 IT-204-LL's, when I only have 1.

Thee are 2 separate filing instructions being generated - 1 says payment will be electronically paid and the other one says mail your $25.00 check.

The IT-204-LL is properly filled out, but the TR-579-PT says 0.00 balance due, and does not show the banking information.

I'm having the same issue and I can't e-file the form due to this diagmostic. 


Same Problem. Can't file IT-204-LL and make a payment. 

Same problem. Can't clear diagnostic when all information is correctly entered. Also can't file return that is due March 15th.