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Hosted ProSeries 2020 environment: how can each users have their returns listed separately from other users?

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When setting up preparers as users, how can HomeBase be set up to allow a preparer to see only the returns they prepare instead of all perparer's combined returns.  When preparers are each working with hundreds of returns, it would be beneficial if they could tune into just the ones they are responsible for completing.  

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Within the ProSeries Professional program you can add multiple preparers by going to "Tools, Options, Firm/Preparer Info." and then assigning a unique preparer code to each preparer. After you've assigned each return by preparer code, you would then select "Homebase" from the ProSeries file menu, and choose "Add/Edit Custom Views" to first, make sure preparer is showing as a column heading on Homebase. Finally, you can run a custom query to sort your Homebase views. To do this you would again select "Homebase",  then "Query". The advanced filter editor will allow you to filter Homebase view by Preparer. You can also click on the small pin icon, at the top of the Homebase "Preparer" column heading to activate this feature.

For more detail information please review the following article:


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