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Error Message when E-filing Form 1040: One of the Selected Returns has Invalid ERO EFIN


Error Message when E-filing Form 1040: One of the Selected Returns has Invalid ERO EFIN

Files have all been restored into Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Professional Edition or Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Basic Edition on a new computer. When attempting to e-file the individual returns there is an error message:

"One of the selected returns has an invalid ERO EFIN. Please correct the EFIN and retry."

  1. Open Proseries
  2. Open the impacted return
  3. Press the F5 key on the keyboard to run the final review on the Federal return.
  4. Open each attached State and City tax return and press the F9 key on the keyboard then press the F10 key on the keyboard to Re-calculate and Save the return.
  5. The EFIN and ERO information will now be synchronized on all tax returns.
  6. E-file the impacted return as normal.
Note: For some state or city tax return it may also be necessary to run the Final Review and save the return again, for each impacted return, after completing these steps. For more information on running the ProSeries Final Review please see How to Run Final Review
  1. Open ProSeries
  2. Select all files and print to PDF
  3. This will in effect complete steps from the Single Client file Impacted section in bulk for all client files that are printed to PDF. In Other words, doing these steps forces the program to synchronized the EFIN and ERO information for each return in bulk.

Re-build HomeBase Record:

This issue can be caused by a damaged or missing HomeBase record. Rebuilding the HomeBase record for each impacted Client File is known to resolve this issue if the above solutions do not resolve the error message. For more information on how to re-build the ProSeries HomeBase records please review:

 How to Completely Rebuild the ProSeries HomeBase


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