Level 2

The challenge with sticky notes is that there is not a clear indication that they are present.  I have to look for a little square somewhere on the return or open the sticky note screen with the button on the off-chase that a particular client has a note.

I would prefer a standardized place, perhaps in the Client Information screen or on the Contents screen, which displayed when notes were present.  Better yet, if the notes field was populated, a link in the Contents side panel (below Status, States, and E-File) would appear.  I'm in the Contents screen enough that this is a good place for a reminder.

Additionally, a column in the Clients tab similar to the Locked Client would be helpful, with a note icon, so I can see at a glance that a particular client has a note populated.

Right now, our general "client notes" are captured in a Word document in a particular folder for the client, and we need to remember to check it for each client, which doesn't always get done.  Something "in my face" on the Client's tab and in the Contents/Client Info screen would be much preferable.