Level 15

"They specifically asked for us to put in ideas and suggestions"

But Intuit doesn't really plan on using those ideas.  It's just their way of trying to make us feel better.  I remember back when i was young and trusting reading a post about someone asking to add form 5227.  One of the moderators at that time posted to say they would add that to their list of enhancement requests.  I think that was back in 1963 if I remember correctly, but it has been so long ago I may be wrong about the date.  But look no further than your own post here mentioning that you have been asking for the schedule F enhancement for 20 years ---------------- and you are still asking ------------- just in a different format.  If Intuit can't find a way to charge extra for an enhancement, they really don't want to hear about it.  But they do like everybody to keep dropping notes down the enhancement wishing well ----------------- they want to keep providing folks with the illusion that they really care.