Level 3

@BobKammanThey specifically asked for us to put in ideas and suggestions and so I did.  This is something I would find useful and should be easy to program in.  If we go by paying for bells and whistles we don't use, well there are PLENTY of features I don't use that I'm paying for.  That's simply not how this works.  And yes I can do the same looking at a copy of last year's return or creating an excel spreadsheet on my own.  I can do a lot by myself, manually, and if it is necessary I do.  But the whole point is to submit ideas that would save us time as preparers and this is a very small tweak that I would absolutely use and I'm sure many other people who use Schedule F would.  Some preparers don't ever prepare Schedule C's and some don't ever prepare Earned Income Credit and some don't ever prepare FBAR, etc. etc. etc.  You give votes to the ideas you like and skip on passed the ones you don't.